I am born.

Its late night here, and I’m supposed to be sleeping, but I’m ill; uneasiness isn’t letting me fall asleep. I might be stressing myself over this, but hey, don’t they say you can do anything you feel like when you’re sick? (Or maybe not!) But I’ll do this. I feel like starting a blog. And guess what, I started a blog! :p

Yes, I’m new in this blogosphere. So come on folks, stand up, clear my way up to the podium! (Jeez, I hope no one left the page after reading this!) Okay, I’ll give you an alternative. Smile – no one gets hurt that way.

My bad, I almost forgot to introduce myself.

I’m a girl.
My name is Kiyah.
I’m a Hobbit.

That’s it?
Nothing more?
Nothing more.

It’s my first and so I’m researching about blogs right now and one thing I read about them is that I have to stick to a topic, or a theme, maybe. I just don’t know if I’ll be able to do that. I mean, isn’t it okay to blog about anything and everything you feel like?

Today, I’m sick:
I’ve been sick all my life;
Enduring the pain like constant prick
Today, I’m sick.

Today, I’m sore:
I’ve been sore all my life;
My agonies gently pass thru my pore
Today, I’m sore.

Today, I’m hopeful:
I’ve been hopeful all my life;
Optimistic about the future being fruitful
Today, I’m hopeful.

Today, I’m happy:
No I haven’t been happy all my life;
And no, this isn’t the part of the poem
But right now, I’m happy!

It’s been a hard life for me so far and so had it been for most of you out there. But I’ve learnt to find the smallest degrees of happiness in most of the messiest situations. I’m not here to discuss my hardships nor am I here to ask you to be faithful in God and trust Him with what He does with you and your life. All I say is think about this:

“Anuugacchati Pravaha”

go with the flow

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Be carefree.
Live every moment.
Forget pains.
Give love.
Cry out loud.
Scream if you feel like.
Never be broken.

“Go with the flow”


Chuck it!

It was tough finding a decent name for my blog. And then the username. And now, the title of this blog!!
The first blog title wordpress.com suggests is ‘Hello world!”, like everyone’s gonna come up and say hello to me! Dumb.

Gosh, I’ve no idea on this post’s title.
I know the title’s incorrect grammatically, but logically, it seems perfect to me!
I’ll logically die if no one really reads or comments on my blog!

Anyway, I’m gonna be blogging regularly now. And by regularly, I mean I’ll be coming up with new thingummies every week, mostly by weekends.
I know I gave not much information about my identity there, but in the near future, ya’ll will know me pretty well i.e. obviously if you keep coming back here to check my shit!
And just to ease it out a li’l bit more between us, folks, I’m fine with any and everything you wanna talk about. Just lemme know, right?
Comment. It’s easy.

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