Is Today, a Flowery Day?

Looking through a glass,
Purple friends I  found
Peeping through the leaves
I could listen to their sound.

Right with friends and family you say,
What would be life without colors anyway?

Complete with pricks, this path I chose
Blooming alone, I’m a burnt rose.

White, pristine, unblemished.


Honey, Sex Killed Me!

To give background to the scenes I am going to describe below, I’d like y’all to know that I was invited to this ‘Tourism Fair’ and was provided with a damn sexy suite in the 4-star hotel for the stay; 4 days: me, my bike and my girlfriend J.
*Okay, back to the topic*

Day 3:
The crazy existence that I have had me all sweat up and weary after the long hours I had put in biking along the Mustang region trail. It’s really crazy because at one moment when you are trekking, you have this adrenaline rush and you keep going and going and going but as soon as you’re back home, you’re all tired and crashed, longing for that hot shower and the sound sleep. In my case, all the “keep it going guys” turns into “somebody, get me to my bed…some…bo…dy…”. So straight to bed I went after the hot bath and a drink, and my body gave in to the softness of the bed.


Remember that gorgeous girl K from the bar I had been hitting on since Day 1? Was she in my room, right beside me!? And O.M.G. was she naked!? *Screw you fatigue*

Oh yeah, we did what you think we did.

And finally,

Day 4:

alarm clock Pictures, Images and Photos                         Alarm clock Pictures, Images and Photos      

Where is K? If J comes to know, I be dead. I HAVE to find K!
*What the heck was I thinking!?*
Hell, I can’t even remember seeing K last night!
Wait, was it for real? Was I dreaming?
Drat, it was all a dream; my brain played fishy. How I love dreams and hate them at the same time!

Realizing I had to go join my girlfriend J for the breakfast, I got dressed up, locked the room and walked towards the restaurant. In case you didn’t know, walking alone makes my mind talk to me:

“I cannot stop thinking about the dream.
It would be megamazinglyawesome if the dream would come true!”
……………..“Yeah, like J wouldn’t kill you then.
“Screw J for a minute, I like K. She is hot.”
……………..“And J is your girlfriend.”
“Right, we can have threesome!”
……………..“J is so furious.”
“Why, it was only a dream!”
……………..“Possible because you’re late.”

Uh-oh. There she was, sitting at the table, angry like I’d never seen before. And I was late for the first time. Do girls really get pissed off when their mates are late? Wow, like she never came late. :/

With sincerity I began, “I’m so sorry J, I was so worked up yesternight. I’m so sorry. I know you’ll let go” and gave my biggest smile.

Angry Anime Girl Pictures, Images and Photos

And there I thought we could change the world with a smile.

“Let go?” she growled. I barely noted her anger. All I could notice was the 0.9mm that was pointing straight to my head. HOLY SHIT!

angry girl Pictures, Images and Photos

“HOLY SHIT! All this for just coming late!?”
……………..“Thank God the dream was a dream!”
*Okay, my mind ALSO talks to me when I’m screwed*

I thought of giving it another try. “J, I can explain.”

gunshot Pictures, Images and PhotosWhoa, girl! Let me exp…*gunshot*

After that intentionally-missed gunshot, all I could think about was what I did next. I ran. Yes, I ran. Thank you, I know it is the best thing to do when you see your mad girlfriend with a gun.

With my life in my hand, I ran.
Knowing J was behind, I ran.
She kept missing her shots
Told me the breaking pots,
Knowing how uncertain ‘twas, I ran.

Click. Click. *Pause* Click, Click, Click.

I turned to look back. J was standing in the middle of the corridor with people stuck on the side walls, scared as sh*t.

Click, Click, Click.

(I almost cracked with laughter at that)
Wow, I was almost exhausted when J’s gun showed a li’l consideration.
I took the opportunity to ask J to calm down. “Sugar we could always sit and talk it out, you know.”

“Talk it out? You wanna TALK about how you made out with that b*tch last night?!”

“Wait, what?”


“I made out with K last night?”
“And you thought I’d never know? What did you think, eh? One night I go to my granny’s place and you show your colors!”

“But…but I didn’t…didn’t do anyth…”

Knife Girl Pictures, Images and Photos
Now I know why the chef was looking for his knife.

 With my life in my hand, I ran.
Knowing J was behind, I ran.
She had only a knife,
Didn’t wanna risk my life,
Knowing how uncertain ‘twas, I ran.

And considering ‘running alone’ as an upgraded form of ‘walking alone’, my mind started talking to me, again:

……………..“It IS megamazinglyawesome that the dream came true!”
“Yeah, J WANTS to kill me now!”
……………..“Screw J for a minute, I like K. She is hot.”
“I know K is hot..but then how did the dream come true?!”
……………..“Why, you DID have sex with K. That’s so coohooohoool! Maybe the drinks were magical.”
“Wait, SHUT UP!”

And there I was running, until someone called my name and I stopped and looked around for that person.

*Still Searching*

Standing still, suddenly, I felt two hands approaching my neck. *To kill me?*
I was shaking with fear!

“Kiyaaaah, get up!”
I opened my eyes. My mum was shaking me to wake me up. I had been sleeping for the last 12 hours. Neither did I make out with K nor was J my girlfriend. Although sad that K wasn’t for real, I found myself relieved for J not being for real too. How I love dreams and hate them at the same time!

I called my boyfriend and recounted him the entire story of my dream.
“Honey, sex killed me. ALMOST.”

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Raindrops are falling…

Raindrops are falling..

It’s raining here.
After the 152 talukas that had received less than 150mm rainfall in the current season were declared as scarcity-hit, the widespread rains in Gujarat have come as a relief to everyone.

Hoping for the rain to not elude the other dry regions as well.

I don’t really like rains.
Do you like rains?

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What’s beauty to you, darling?


“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.” 

Elisabeth Ross

When my good friend, Munz, was capturing this portrait, he was scared as hell. He was scared because “he might think that I’m mocking his disease”. “But actually”, added Munz, “he was very nice. And he smiled while I was clicking”.

I do not know the portrait-man’s name. But what I know is that he is ultra-courageous. “He’s leading a very successful life right now, running his own business.”
And I cannot even begin to imagine all the hardships and struggles he’d had to face before he reached where he is now. His eyes speak about it all.

“Face is not just an id.
Face is the mirror of the mind.
A face can tell you stories;
A single look can transcend thousands of unspoken words,
Experienced almost all emotions of life.
Some faces will haunt you. Yes, haunt you.
You can dig out the whole life-story…”

– Munz


Photo Courtesy: MunzMunz Photography.
Copyright: Munz Photography(C)2012

How to Sate your Soul

So there I was sitting under a tree on the roadside with my friends, crankily complaining about the daily ordeal we have to undergo under the name of college: Boring subjects, endless assignments and projects, irksome professors, and inessential compulsory attendance. Our lives would have been so pleasurable only if that thoughtless Pandora wouldn’t have opened that mysterious trunk. But that is another story!

To continue with my story, we all had our tiffin-boxes open but were too busy chit-chattering to realize our hunger. As soon as our complains turned into gossips about the few hot guys that got admitted in our college this year, two very young shabbily dressed kids came up to us begging.

To comply with the common notion that revolves around begging, some of my gang-mates asked them to “bugger off” in the most polite way they could. Ashamed of their act, I called them kids back and asked if they’d want something to eat to which they happily agreed. I handed them my tiffin box, which contained the delicious lemon rice that mum made. (Darn, I’m hungry now!) With the background music of “ooooh”s and “aaaah”s and “aaaye haaaye”s, I was busy smiling to my inner self which was happier than ever, making me forget all the complains I had been making just a few minutes before. How self-satisfying the entire incident was!

Have you ever been so fat dumb and happy?
Of course, you might have.
But, WAIT! I am not talking about those times when that mega-crush of yours looked at you and smiled and you beamed with happiness, or when your lover proposed you with that beautiful ring on a boat at midnight and your joy knew no bounds!
I might be talking about the moments that define your life:


These are some of the precious fragments of our lives that, at one point or another, make us feel content and happy.
(I know adding lemon rice to the list is odd, but food is one thing that makes me content and happy!)

Then what precisely am I talking about?
I am talking about those moments that define the essence of your life.
I am definitely talking about the acts of benevolence which render meaning to your crazy existence; the deeds which divulge you the secret of satiety of the soul.

One Random Act of Kindness
Yes, I am a fan of Morgan Freeman but here, I am citing this quote from his movie Evan Almighty because the message of the movie is only true.
Here, I would like to quote the 14th Dalai Lama:

“When we feel love and kindness toward others, it not only makes others feel love and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace.”

So how do you start?
You start by believing in the act that you are going to do. You do not need to stress over it, because I’m sure you’ll find enough opportunities on a daily basis to show some kindness. The acts you do might inflict others around you to learn from you and carry out the same. As the ripple effect increases, you will find the world around you to be a lot kinder and happier and peaceful-er for

“Wherever there is a human in need, there is an opportunity for kindness and to make a difference.”

– Kevin Heath

I am not merely being philosophical – I am sure you will agree with this if you give it a calm little thought. Kindness, benevolence, charity, altruism: call it by any name, it is the key to soul’s satisfaction.
I’ll try and list down some of the acts of benevolence I’ve seen people doing around me and some of which I, too, have followed. I bet any act of kindness gives that rare special feeling of immense fulfillment of the reason of your being.

  • Smile a lot.
  • Send a thank you card to a person who has helped you in the past.
  • Offer water to your postman or delivery person.
  • Distribute cookies, chocolates or biscuits to slum children.
  • Donate money/clothes/time/blood.
  • Slip paper notes under windshields wipers of parked cars wishing them a good day.
  • Hug your friends.
  • Help a blind person cross the road.
  • Offer someone your seat in the bus.
  • Compliment a stranger.
  • Leave a nice tip for the waiter.
  • Thank your teachers.
  • Extend a helping hand, if you can.
  • Open the door for someone.
  • Send someone a small gift anonymously.
  • Be kind to animals.
  • Again, smile a lot.



Have you also felt such a feeling which makes you brim, maybe even slop, with appeasement, content, gratification?
Are you walking on the road to sate your soul?

P.S. – To be sure those two kids did not belong to an organized begging gang, I met their parents. They were labors who worked at construction sites but hadn’t been paid for the last week by the contractor. The kids were well aware of the importance of hard earned money and told me that they did not like begging. May God bless them.

P.P.S. – Okay, I am updating this for the fourth time in the last 10 minutes, but I totally forgot to include this amazing Olympic story of kindness that exemplifies my post in its entirety:

 17-year-old Meghan Vogel was in last place in the 3,200-meter run when she caught up to competitor Arden McMath, whose body was giving out. Instead of running past her to avoid the last-place finish, Vogel put McMath’s arm around her shoulders, carried her 30 meters, and then pushed her over the finish line before crossing it.

When Soul Sisters Become Sole Sisters..

It’s kind of funny how two strangers become acquaintances; acquaintances friends and friends, best friends.

All of us have had this special bond, full of love and care and fun and frolic, at least once in our lives so far, this lovely tie of a best friend; a friend who becomes one of the most beloved person of all the homo sapiens you know: soul sister if she’s a she and brother from another mother if he’s a he! It’s as special a bond as you share with your life partner or perhaps superior!

But when this single thread that connects to the depth of hearts snaps in a lone moment, the ache that reaches out in every vein like cold blood seems perpetual.
How naive we are to even begin to think that any of our relationships are eternal!

You’d think why I started this topic out of the blue. I’ll tell you why.
It seldom happens, particularly with Imageme, that whenever I’m ill I think about happier moments of my life. It all starts with the feeling of sickness that brings profound sadness and with it brings all the memories that signify the grim phases I’ve been through. So, if you are still reading you must have figured out by now that I’m ill and I’ve been thinking of a friend who is no more a friend and more prominently, of those times when facing that very friend every day in college freaked me out to endless hours of calls and cries.

Everybody knows:
It is heart-wrenching to have to go through such a  mess! All the friendliness, care and love you’d been bestowed upon by the angelic character that bumped into you at the bus stand and happened to be your classmate too, seems to fades away like the shine of a golden rose that gets rusted over time. Unremittingly, you try to figure out what went wrong and try to solve out the complexities between yourselves. Mostly, when the friendship is spot-on, the understanding is superlative and the love is pure, the two souls bond again, maybe over a cup of coffee or a game of football, and how!

But happy endings are not sure-shot. Some people have to taste the bitter-sweet truth of relationships. Every time you fail at the attempts to elucidate the mix-up, the wound deepens exponentially. You try to get over, and no sooner did you start forgetting everything than you see them standing right in front of you, forcing a smile at you and then rushing back to their gang to avoid you! *Lo, there go all your efforts!* All the memories come rushing back to you to torture you incessantly!

I’ve been through this every single day since the last May. It’s been over a year and I still feel the hatred growing inside me, the hatred that turns into the helpless me when I am alone. How lucidly did love turn into hatred! And I couldn’t even help it! It is a loss to me, a loss that probably nothing can change.


But, yes, I’m tired of her not listening to me! So I’m just moving on…
*Trying to accept the past and forget it as it was*

It really takes your will that goes against your heart to decide to get over the past, forgiving and forgetting everything ruthless that happened to you, moving on with no grudges. It’s for you to be firm and decide to be true to yourself and try forgetting it instead of dying over it, again and again, of enduring the prick of the thorn on your side.
See how you get healed then!


Be care free…
and the rest will soon be history!


P.S. – Never, NEVER be a sad panda.


P.P.S. – I swear if I will ever find this, I’d gift it to her.

I am born.

Its late night here, and I’m supposed to be sleeping, but I’m ill; uneasiness isn’t letting me fall asleep. I might be stressing myself over this, but hey, don’t they say you can do anything you feel like when you’re sick? (Or maybe not!) But I’ll do this. I feel like starting a blog. And guess what, I started a blog! :p

Yes, I’m new in this blogosphere. So come on folks, stand up, clear my way up to the podium! (Jeez, I hope no one left the page after reading this!) Okay, I’ll give you an alternative. Smile – no one gets hurt that way.

My bad, I almost forgot to introduce myself.

I’m a girl.
My name is Kiyah.
I’m a Hobbit.

That’s it?
Nothing more?
Nothing more.

It’s my first and so I’m researching about blogs right now and one thing I read about them is that I have to stick to a topic, or a theme, maybe. I just don’t know if I’ll be able to do that. I mean, isn’t it okay to blog about anything and everything you feel like?

Today, I’m sick:
I’ve been sick all my life;
Enduring the pain like constant prick
Today, I’m sick.

Today, I’m sore:
I’ve been sore all my life;
My agonies gently pass thru my pore
Today, I’m sore.

Today, I’m hopeful:
I’ve been hopeful all my life;
Optimistic about the future being fruitful
Today, I’m hopeful.

Today, I’m happy:
No I haven’t been happy all my life;
And no, this isn’t the part of the poem
But right now, I’m happy!

It’s been a hard life for me so far and so had it been for most of you out there. But I’ve learnt to find the smallest degrees of happiness in most of the messiest situations. I’m not here to discuss my hardships nor am I here to ask you to be faithful in God and trust Him with what He does with you and your life. All I say is think about this:

“Anuugacchati Pravaha”

go with the flow

Photo credit: AlicePopkorn

Be carefree.
Live every moment.
Forget pains.
Give love.
Cry out loud.
Scream if you feel like.
Never be broken.

“Go with the flow”


Chuck it!

It was tough finding a decent name for my blog. And then the username. And now, the title of this blog!!
The first blog title suggests is ‘Hello world!”, like everyone’s gonna come up and say hello to me! Dumb.

Gosh, I’ve no idea on this post’s title.
I know the title’s incorrect grammatically, but logically, it seems perfect to me!
I’ll logically die if no one really reads or comments on my blog!

Anyway, I’m gonna be blogging regularly now. And by regularly, I mean I’ll be coming up with new thingummies every week, mostly by weekends.
I know I gave not much information about my identity there, but in the near future, ya’ll will know me pretty well i.e. obviously if you keep coming back here to check my shit!
And just to ease it out a li’l bit more between us, folks, I’m fine with any and everything you wanna talk about. Just lemme know, right?
Comment. It’s easy.

//Spread the love.

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